Common Abnormalities Found in People With Lyme Disease

Many of the more severe or chronic cases of Lyme disease seem to have a lot of similar physiological abnormalities. I remember having some of the blood work forms in hand, thinking, why the hell is…

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My first blog request! You asked, I answered! Thank you, Amanda!  🙂 We have heard it time and time again. It is a very common question among Lymies. Why is detoxing during a Lyme treatment so impo…

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Living With Someone With Chronic Illness, Are You Prepared?

My Color Is Lyme

Living with a person with chronic illness; what to expect

So we’re friends, we get along great and have never had a conflict…all is good and we are both amiable people who should be able to room together. You are also empathetic and know I (or said chronically ill person) have major health struggles. Lets say for the sake of this post that we decide to become roommates and I (or said chronically ill person) is financially able to do so. What are you in for? You may think you know, but you usually see me at my best because that is when I see people at all, and what may seem fairly normal from the outside may not be what you imagined when we get into the day-to-day. So I will do my best to step outside my life and look from a subjective outsider’s point of view.

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