Lyme & company to date

I have been sick with Lyme disease, at least two co-infections—Bartonella and Babesiosis—and likely mycoplasma since AT LEAST the summer of 2007, though it took a long time to figure that out.  Known tick bite in August of 2007 – with records from Pri Med to back it up.  I honestly suspect my initial infection may have been summer of 1987 b/c  “Summer flu” doesn’t just happen, and Lyme can lay dormant in a patient’s body for years.  I had a “summer flu” that wasn’t strep in the summer of 1987…..and within 5 months was DXed with hypothyroidism – it was “sluggish” and symptoms improved then.   For a while…. I guess we’ll never know for sure.

Back to 2007

At first my symptoms were manageable…and blamed on other thing…., but in January 2011 my health began steadily declining.   My doctor recently told his phone nurse I was “deathly sick.” Continue reading

About Me

This is website to document life with Lyme & Company.  Once I figure it out, there will be links to resources for other information, as well as a spot for me and my private thoughts (no I don’t always share all of them)…….my life in pictures is at

Short story – Got bit in 2007 – and God only knows how many other times b/c i LIVED in my flowerbeds.  Now….I live in my truck. Continue reading