My holier than thou “family”

One hell of a Homicide investigator true….but what about the rest?!

How dare he call me crazy?  What type of father doesn’t recognize that someone is going on in their daughter’s head – something bacterial?

After I spent years raising those kids… years taking over for Mama after she died – handling her finances and cleaning her house… while all he did was send $ to help fix the problem.. ..

How can he call himself a father…?

When he knew I needed someone to sign a lease bc my credit was ruined after I was forced into a medical retirement.

Yet never offered…bc I had dared to sue DPS bc of Mchenry.  Bc I had dared to call their hands on illegal grant activity over the years.  I wasn’t a “yes man” either….everyone said I was just like “dad” in that respect… but I paid dearly…. My boss was the son of the man who was forced to step down as director bc of him, “my father”.

And bc I chose my niece and nephew over my sister in 2007.  And yes would do it again, knowing everything I know now… they didn’t have any choices.  What I put in that letter was truth.

The man knew I was homeless… But told me I was crazy and to never call him again. He never wanted to hear from me again…

yet finances a place for that little twit sister of mine.

Yes…the one who neglected her kids for months bc she was busy finding her a new husband… great choice that was lol.

The one let a junkie x-con babysit her kids.  We found that out after she moved in with me and robbed me blind…. the girl wasn’t someone who worked with the twit at Revenue and was trying to escape an abusive relationship…could have lost my job over that… but he had to re-word my memo about it to protect her

What type of person does that?  yeah.  The father or the twit lol.

He knew I was a genius… if my brain fog hadn’t kicked in full-speed, I’d have won that damn lawsuit.  But my writing declined.. something he’d have known if he ever took the time to check on me.  A person doesn’t lose their brain functioning capabilities like this for no reason…

Instead he had the wife call… the one who incited anger every time. (great for my heart valve problem and those TIAs I have). The one who didn’t believe I had the heart issues til I sent her a picture of the paperwork from the doctor (no I didn’t and still don’t have disease envy – that is the twit)…..the one who had the audacity to accuse me of drug abuse… I’ll still take a hair test anytime. But the twit takes one too

I hope to God when I do my genetic testing – medically necessary to try to beat Lyme & company….. maybe I’ll somehow find out I was switched at birth.   I really can’t believe we share the same genes. We damn sure don’t have the same type of compassion – hell he has none.

And I guess we Lymies can be glad he chose not to go to medical school….While he was a damn good cop – he wouldn’t have made a good doctor.  Because just as he believes the CDC/ISDA now….he’d be another one of those doctors that ignored Lyme.  What happened to the detective in him?  The part that looked beyond what was on paper from the higher-ups…

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