Moving Day again

Since April 2014 I have moved 6 times – this makes 7. That included the following list – but doesn’t count the storage building moves….  and yes – all the moving was basically done by myself – no damn wonder my flares got worse

4-2012 to 4-2014 – Apt

  1. Moved to Liz’s for a month – left on my own b/c i wanted to save our friendship
  2. Moved to Jeanice & Ryan’s for 2 weeks – was going to find a camper to rent by end of month but they kicked me out OVER FACEBOOK b/c they couldn’t handle my Lyme flares and I wasn’t the person they used to know (paraphrased – can we say NO SHIT SHERLOCK?)
  3. Truck
  4. borrowed a friend’s place for a week or so
  5. Truck/Storage building – about 3 weeks
  6. Cousin’s from June 10 or so thru today
  7. Hotel for a few days – then the truck

now I am homeless again.

I’d overstayed my welcome at the cousin’s.  He had told me I would need to find somewhere to go when they got married….it was the holidays and I knew his kids’ needed a place to visit….and frankly it was too damn cold.

Low body temperature comes with this – I have Reynaud’s too (symptom of the disease) – i couldn’t stay warm – couldn’t detox (so i quit treatment 2 weeks in)……how the hell do you sweat in a bath when the house isn’t warm enough.

I’m not complaining – it was a roof over my head and cheap rent.  But I couldn’t keep imposing….and if you don’t have Lyme – you don’t “get it” – not the flares, not the fatigue, not the herxing.

But i need to detox – even without treatment….so its time to head south

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