The story of the Storage Buildings – 3 different locations in 5 months

When it came time to move out of the apartment… wasn’t in my name and there was no one to sign the lease….  

I found someone to rent a 2nd garage at the complex – so i could start moving stuff ahead of time since it was just me moving….and easier to move stuff there….so in March 2014 I started moving stuff into a 2nd one – 10 X 18 – and it was right next door to the one i was already renting

So then on 5-8-14 i found out that I had to be out of BOTH storage buildings by the end of the month b/c the Apt complex management had informed the couple who had mine in their name that fees were increasing etc.  Couldn’t blame them, and they called as soon as they found out.  (course, Jeanice & Ryan kicked me out 2 days later – thanks – ya’ll had a lot of class – NOT)

So…..Im in the middle of a flare from hell anyway – hurting like hell physically – and on 5-10-14 J & R kick me out……i get as much as i could fit in my truck and i left.

Let the emotional flare begin…..and it did…..i was suicidal.  literally.  shouldn’t have texted my niece that day – she was in basic training – but hello, who the hell is rational with Lyme?

So then….that evening…..after Amy convinces me to go to a hotel and offers to pay for it…..i go but i said no “let me call dad”.  BIG MISTAKE.

He proceeded to tell me in no uncertain terms that i was crazy, that i wasn’t his “fucking daughter” and while he would pay for one night, he never wanted to hear from me again and to never use his card again. (He got his wish on all).

Amy paid for the room – and I went to Birmingham on Monday 5-12 to try to see an ID doctor – didn’t happen.  More on them another day…..

So…..a couple of weeks later when i got over my mini breakdown…..I tried to get moved.  Got an extension from the mgmt at complex – and had a yard sale – gave most of it away basically.

Got it down to a 10 X 15 storage building, with Mama’s paintings and paperwork in a climate controlled 10X10 (for $107 a month UGH)

Two months later i moved the stuff from climate controlled to a cheaper one where my other one was/is.

Yes – I went from:

  • 1998-2012 – 5 acres and a 1600+ square foot home with 600 sq foot barn (FULL of “family” stuff on 2nd floor) plus a 12X32 greenhouse
  • 2012-2014 – a 1085 sq foot apartment plus a 10 X 18 “garage” i used for storage
  • to this:  Dec 2014 – 2 storage buildings and my truck

Ain’t Life with Lyme & company grand?

One thought on “The story of the Storage Buildings – 3 different locations in 5 months

  1. but yet “they” invited me for Thanksgiving – and for Christmas too. I am a walking stroke – the dentist had to DIG to make my mouth bleed after pulling that tooth this week – my blood is too thick – yet let’s go where I am not comfortable (if i don’t get lost driving over there or have ANOTHER wreck) – so i can sit on edge and wait to stroke out? unless i take ALL my daily dose of BABY Xanax and hope that works.
    no thanks…….if Im gonna die from this – it won’t be in front of the two kids i love more than life itself.


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