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A Father’s Lament For His Daughter…. “She Didn’t Look Sick”

been there done that and felt the pain of not being believed. And while i can forgive, its too damn hard to forget

My Color Is Lyme

This is a touching first person perspective as a father starts to understand his daughter’s suffering and how his ignorance had added to her pain


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If Santa Claus Had Brain Fog

Miss Diagnoses

Santa forgets Christmas and needs elf to remind him

If Santa Claus had brain fog, he might have problems with dates.

He might lose important stuff.

Santa loses the sleigh and elf reassures him

He might forget everyone’s names.

Santa forgets reindeers' names

Brain fog might interfere with Santa’s innate sense of direction, forcing him to rely on technology.

Santa asks Siri for directions but his phone is dead

He might get confused about the order of gift distribution.

Santa stands on rooftop wondering if he did the house already

With brain fog, you can make a list and check it twice, thrice, or two hundred times and still forget who is naughty and who is nice.

Santa stands on a rooftop and wonders if the kid who lives in the house gets a Playstation or a lump of coalSanta stands on the rooftop and decides to leave both the PlayStation and the coal

Brain fog can make you lose stuff, and it can also make you THINK you lost stuff.

Santa thinks he lost his hat but it's in his hand

Possible diagnoses of Santa’s brain fog:

1) Lyme disease?

Two reindeer complain that no one ever checks them for ticks

Actually, I don’t know anything about reindeer, but puffins are hosts for a tick called Ixodes uriae that carries a European strain of Lyme, borrelia garinii. There was a study done in the Faroe Islands near the Arctic Circle. Puffins also live at the North Pole. Hmm.


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