CD 57

well i am HIV negative – so gotta be Lyme


— update —

After posting the information below I discovered an additional article from 2000 by Stricker & Winger. They evaluated 73 patients with chronic lyme disease. Six of those patients were tested repeatedly over 4 months. They found significant differences between those with chronic lyme, and various comparison groups. This constitutes (I believe) better evidence than any of the other studies I cited. The findings contradict the conclusions below. I’m not sure what to think — it appears that knowledgeable Lyme literate medical experts have concluded that the CD57 is not trustworthy, yet this (early) study seems to indicate a big difference between groups. Here’s my understanding of what they did and found:


  • 10 acute Lyme disease patients (within 1 month of a tick bite)
  • 22 patients with HIV and CD4 counts  < 200 / microliter
  • 73 patients with chronic lyme disease (huge variety in this sample: 3…

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