Lyme Limbo

That’s where i am at.
After almost 8 years of known infection (based on research and paying for medical records) – and 4 years of being sick…
i.e., 4 years of KNOWING something was wrong…

I got the answer.
In May 2014.

And we set out to do the tests necessary to rule out the other issues. And we did.

And now I wait.

To see if disability is approved.
So i can afford treatment.
Gluten-free and organic food.

Everyone thinks I am crazy.
Except for fellow Lymies – who know the reality.
In a sense I am,
Because its affected my brain – my memory and other “cognitive” processes.
And its affected me physically
just not noticeable at first glance.

life goes on for everyone.
And its passing me by.

As i sit in Lyme Limbo.