Yes – I have Things to Be Grateful For Too

Yes – I do have things to be grateful for too. Even though I have Lyme & company

And so my therapist doesn’t fuss about me not concentrating on the positive…

I am going to make a list – that I will probably update again. No order….I just add as I think of it.

1. I found a dr that listens to his patients and that cares about us getting well. I have personally seen his notebook on us Lymies – he’s researching too.

2. Same dr – doesn’t mind that I still do research – and insist on sharing with him.

3. I have an awesome therapist – one I text when needed.

4. The Lyme Community. Period. Online though it is – they are a great source of knowledge and support. They “get” it.

5. My personal Lymie friends. Some were friends or acquaintances before I became aware of infection, some learned what they had because of me, and some I have met on this journey. They let me rant – they get it.

6. The fact that I am not so bitter and depressed that I can still have fun with my Lymies – and no we don’t “just” talk about Lyme all the time. Sometimes, sure. But other times we are just like normal people – we talk about life – about clothes and family and relationships and “regular stuff”.

7. My insurance – even though it doesn’t cover everything I need – even half of it…it does cover some.

8. The few people who have stayed.

9. My friend Jessie who took my dogs when my family wouldn’t.

10. That my pain level still lets me have some good days.

11. The fact that so far, I haven’t lost the use of my hands, which is still a possibility.

12. The fun times I had with my niece & nephew before all of this started.

13. The fact that I am stubborn enough that it probably saved my life when the father told me I was crazy and he never wanted to hear from me again.

14. The strangers who have helped me when no one else did. #randomactsofkindness

15. That some days I realize my brain is still in there somewhere – and I can use it.

16. The fact that even though the “family” didn’t seem to like the fact that I was public about Lyme Disease (WTH) – some of my friends recognized it in themselves….and are in treatment.

17. That I didn’t stop looking for answers when I really did think I was “just” going nuts.

18. The lessons I learned from the people who were there for – and the people who weren’t.

19. My Mama. I still feel her with me. Most days.

20. My belief in God and Jessus – and my belief there has to be a reason for all of this.

21. My contradictory belief that there has got to be other intelligent life out there in the universe – hopefully better than humanity as a whole.

22. That while sometimes it takes me a while….i do listen to my gut instincts.

23. My Hope. That the kids will one day wake up and remember the lessons I taught them..

24. That Medcure accepted me. Body donation for science.

25. The documentary Under Our Skin Under Our Skin Home Page

26. The FREE version of same documentary – which was the first one I watched.

27. I’m grateful that L.S. took over on my AC case when her partner got pissed at me.

Yeah – i know there’s more… but the hand doesn’t wanna type anymore…so that’s enough for now…

3 thoughts on “Yes – I have Things to Be Grateful For Too

  1. Number two I feel is so important. I have a great GI (finally) who loves and encourages independent research. It is so refreshing to have a doctor treat you like a person and not a monetary gain.


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