In Case I Forget – by Jaimie

In Case I Forget

In case I forget –
What it’s like to be me,
The child playing in the rain-
With a soul roaming free.

In case I forget-
The rebel I left behind,
Taking chances without haste-
She still lives deep in my mind.

In case I forget –
My greatest gift of all,
The blessing of my children-
Oh, in love did I ever fall!

In case I forget-
That with laughter comes tears,
Growing pains are for all ages,
As we learn to conquer our fears.

In case I forget-
To tell you I love you,
Hold onto every moment.
They are priceless and few.

In case I forget-
And become weak instead of Strong,
Please help me stand up and fight.
Please help me right the wrong.

In case I forget-
Reach out for my hand.
Look me in the eye and say,
“Yes, together we can!”

In case I forget –
I’ll forever hold you near .
Just please don’t forget,
That I am still here.

-Jaimie R.W.Martin
Lyme Warrior

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About the old Lyme vaccine – aka LYMErix

From Kathleen 🙂

The United States of DUMB (McSweegan Edition):

“It was said at the time LYMErix was still on the market that this vaccine, via its claimed mechanism of disinfecting ticks with human antibodies (yes, if you can believe it), that LYMErix would turn humans into walking canisters of tick disinfectant, when in fact, LYMErix turned people into walking “cesspools of disease.” The same is true for Chronic Lyme. Chronic Lyme victims’ immune systems are “overwhelmed”- a term used by CDC officer Alan Barbour, when describing what antigenic variation in spirochetes does to humans (US Patent 6,719,983). This is a term you want to remember in case you hear it again: “overwhelmed” immune system means: “turned off.” “Turned off” is the complete opposite of an “inflammatory” or “autoimmune disease.””

And a link with more details

Click to access ALDF-CDC-Enterprise-Conspires-to-Defraud-USA-in-Dearborn-Vaccine-Scam.pdf