A poem on Lyme from another Lymie (Written by Cassie Chapman ~ 2015)

Written by Cassie Chapman ~ 2015

I will take your life,

And turn it upside down.

The ringing in your ears.

Will be a constant sound.

I shall steal your happiness,

And replace it with so much pain.

Life as you know it,

Will never be the same.

I will take your mind..

Ill lock away your reasoning ,

Leave you without mobility.

Ill take away all agility.

You will know my wrath,

With every step you make.

Everything that’s yours,

Is now mine to take.

I will steal your vision,

Your laughter and your sanity.

When Im done with you,

They’ll be nothing left of vanity

No longer will you care,

If your house is a mess.

A day where you shower and cook,

Will be your new success.

Ill take your job,

Your money and your care.

Look in the mirror …

Are you losing your hair?

Your quality of life,

Is mine to devour.

I hope you like the

Taste of lemon sour.

Ill take and ill take

Till you’ve nothing more to give.

Then ill dig down deeper

And steal your desire to live.

You’ll trade your favorite foods,

For a hand full of pills.

Then suffer the consequences,

As you sweat in your bath through the chills.

Friends will think your crazy.

Doctors will send you away.

Leaving you to fight alone,

Each and every day.

Oh yes, Im deep inside you.

And ill be here for all of time.

I am your worst nightmare.

I ….am…. Lyme.