In Case I Forget – by Jaimie

In Case I Forget

In case I forget –
What it’s like to be me,
The child playing in the rain-
With a soul roaming free.

In case I forget-
The rebel I left behind,
Taking chances without haste-
She still lives deep in my mind.

In case I forget –
My greatest gift of all,
The blessing of my children-
Oh, in love did I ever fall!

In case I forget-
That with laughter comes tears,
Growing pains are for all ages,
As we learn to conquer our fears.

In case I forget-
To tell you I love you,
Hold onto every moment.
They are priceless and few.

In case I forget-
And become weak instead of Strong,
Please help me stand up and fight.
Please help me right the wrong.

In case I forget-
Reach out for my hand.
Look me in the eye and say,
“Yes, together we can!”

In case I forget –
I’ll forever hold you near .
Just please don’t forget,
That I am still here.

-Jaimie R.W.Martin
Lyme Warrior

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