About Me

This is website to document life with Lyme & Company.  Once I figure it out, there will be links to resources for other information, as well as a spot for me and my private thoughts (no I don’t always share all of them).

Short story – Got bit in 2007 – and God only knows how many other times b/c i LIVED in my flowerbeds.  Now….I live in my truck.


I was a successful Grant Writer/Grant Manager for state of AL with excellent evaluations until 2011.  Employment history & job details publicly available on LinkedIn, if you wish to see the complexity of job details that I formerly excelled at.  I literally could pull grant $ out of a hat – because I thought outside the box.  There is an IQ of 147 somewhere in my brain.  Or what’s left it – we don’t know yet.

As far as my personal life…..well i am a totally different person now.  But before….

  • Actively gardened & maintained 5 acre & home from 1998-2010, which I subsequently lost to foreclosure after the huge pay cut from the medical retirement.
  • Love animals & kids.  Pets always & active involvement with kid’ activities until 2011 (niece/nephew, friends’ kids, etc.)
  • Social butterfly until 2011
  • 2010 – Began “Hot Yoga” (Vinyasa) – loved it & was in best health of my life; continued through retirement, after which I could no longer afford it.  I still do some poses to stretch out when able.  I actually think it helped me “detox” from the MTHFR genetic issue (DX in b/c Hot Yoga = dripping sweat.

Rosemary Faces of Lyme


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