Re-Blog – A poem about Life with Life – she says it eloquently

And God How I can relate.

Right now, I SHOULD be deciding whether to continue at career – or start building a 2nd retirement.

Instead i had to take a medical retirement.

Lost everything.

and 4 years later got a DX.

b/c I RESEARCHED after it got my heart.

Thank God I found a doctor who listens to patients…


Brain Fog – from Kim – plus an example from me

Kim gives in-depth info at the link below.   Its affected me in all the ways she describes….it also affects my ability to “do things” from one day to the next – i.e, computer.


Last night i literally couldn’t remember how to reply to a tweet and make sure it went to the right person.

Some days my “grasshopper brain” can’t be controlled…. there’s lots of symptoms…. but you’ll get the gist of it at the link below.  I’m grateful Kim doesn’t mind me re-blogging….its how i save info….one of my numerous ways….and i have finally figured out how to categorize to find it YAY for my brain….

click here for in-depth information, including references.  Brain Fog.

A few graphics to explain Lyme Disease….educate yourself

Just a few of the truths on Lyme Disease – borrowed from other fellow Lymies – credit given where known

The Many Expressions of Lyme Disease

so what is the disease So, What is This Disease – Joni –

Cure Unknown

The Great Imitator

Horowitz Book

Matrix – not exhaustive

Understanding Lyme Tests from What Is Lyme

Lyme Facts Poster –

Lyme Basics Poster –

Stages of Lyme Disease