Moving Day again

Since April 2014 I have moved 6 times – this makes 7. That included the following list – but doesn’t count the storage building moves….  and yes – all the moving was basically done by myself – no damn wonder my flares got worse Continue reading

My holier than thou “family”

One hell of a Homicide investigator true….but what about the rest?!

How dare he call me crazy?  What type of father doesn’t recognize that someone is going on in their daughter’s head – something bacterial?

After I spent years raising those kids… years taking over for Mama after she died – handling her finances and cleaning her house… while all he did was send $ to help fix the problem.. .. Continue reading

About Me

This is website to document life with Lyme & Company.  Once I figure it out, there will be links to resources for other information, as well as a spot for me and my private thoughts (no I don’t always share all of them)…….my life in pictures is at

Short story – Got bit in 2007 – and God only knows how many other times b/c i LIVED in my flowerbeds.  Now….I live in my truck. Continue reading