About the old Lyme vaccine – aka LYMErix

From Kathleen 🙂

The United States of DUMB (McSweegan Edition):

“It was said at the time LYMErix was still on the market that this vaccine, via its claimed mechanism of disinfecting ticks with human antibodies (yes, if you can believe it), that LYMErix would turn humans into walking canisters of tick disinfectant, when in fact, LYMErix turned people into walking “cesspools of disease.” The same is true for Chronic Lyme. Chronic Lyme victims’ immune systems are “overwhelmed”- a term used by CDC officer Alan Barbour, when describing what antigenic variation in spirochetes does to humans (US Patent 6,719,983). This is a term you want to remember in case you hear it again: “overwhelmed” immune system means: “turned off.” “Turned off” is the complete opposite of an “inflammatory” or “autoimmune disease.””

And a link with more details

Click to access ALDF-CDC-Enterprise-Conspires-to-Defraud-USA-in-Dearborn-Vaccine-Scam.pdf

Brain Fog – from Kim – plus an example from me

Kim gives in-depth info at the link below.   Its affected me in all the ways she describes….it also affects my ability to “do things” from one day to the next – i.e, computer.


Last night i literally couldn’t remember how to reply to a tweet and make sure it went to the right person.

Some days my “grasshopper brain” can’t be controlled…. there’s lots of symptoms…. but you’ll get the gist of it at the link below.  I’m grateful Kim doesn’t mind me re-blogging….its how i save info….one of my numerous ways….and i have finally figured out how to categorize to find it YAY for my brain….

click here for in-depth information, including references.  Brain Fog.