Was it 2007 or 1987?

Was it the 2007 bite (s)? Or was that just reinfection?

It could have been any time over my life. Outside all the time. Yardwork and Gardening. Hanging out at the river and the lake. Growing up on the lake, in the country.

Was it when Frontline quit working on my Chow mix, Sheba, in 2001 and I wound up putting her down b/c she turned?

Was it back in the early 90’s when I had a “bug bite” that came and went on the back of my calf, that got infected with streaks going down it? I remember I took Keflex, which cleared the infection but studies show it doesn’t work on Lyme. That is clear as day b/c the dr that had taken over for our GP said “Yes its a bug bite, take this. Let’s discuss your smoking.” Even Dad was pissed because he was a smoker still then and the man acted same way about to him about cigarettes.

Was it summer 1987 when I had a summer “flu-like” illness that wasn’t strep? Walking daily 4 miles along a country road… by that fall I was put on thyroid meds b/c i stayed fatigued all the time. And iron b/c i was anemic. later that year I had my first sciatica attack….would have fallen when my left leg gave way as I was climbing out of my little red car. I had my arm on the door and caught myself.

And those are the only things that jump out in my mind.

At some point, i was infected. Classic Lyme symptoms with the first bite in 2007. And that’s when I know the lymphocytosis started. Or rather, that is as far back as I can track it. Clinically I have “most” of the co-infections. Treatment is going to have to be long-term.

Doesn’t really matter at this point. It came out of dormancy in 2011 and didn’t stop.

hurry up Medicare….we’d like to do IgeneX tests.

We’d like to know WHICH infection got the heart. Something did.

Not even a heart murmur in 2011. 3 leaking heart valves by Jan 2013. Aortic Regurgitation (AR/AI). Mitral valve and tricuspid valve regurg too. The AR has continued to increase in severity, with the Ejection Fraction continuing to decline. Maybe the others too, I’ll know more next week.

Some days I hate the fact that I research. I haven’t fought for answers for 4 years for nothing. I hope.

Hurry up Medicare.

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